For most, summer holidays are the only opportunity to relax and rest enjoying the sun by the sea. And of course Rhodes provides this, and generously so! However, many people want to do and see as much as possible even during their holidays! So for you, the energetic and vibrant types, we found the best activities you can have in Rhodes!


Thanks to neighbouring with both the ‘Maldives’ of the Dodecanese as well as the openness of the Levantine Sea, Rhodes is considered a paradise for yachtsmen. The Offshore Yachting Club of Rhodes was founded in 1989.


A large and fully equipped water park in Faliraki. Built amphitheatrically, this unique WaterPark is located on the eastern coast of the island on a 100.00 square metre area, 12Km from the centre of Rhodes.


If you love the sea and wish to combine your holidays with activities, scuba diving is an excellent choice that promises incredible experiences and unique surprises!

δρατηριότητες στη ρόδο - Orion hotel


Prasonisi. One of the most visited spots of the island for professional and amateur windsurfers, and not only! Here you will see a long and narrow strip of land that splits the Karpathian Sea into two and connects Prasonisi with Rhodes. This sandy tongue of land that connects the islet to Rhodes forms two bays: in one of them most of the time there are strong winds that raise ‘good’ waves, while in the other one there is little waviness or calm, offering ideal conditions for both beginners and experienced surfers. And all this could be happening while the rest of the Aegean Sea is completely calm!


Among the activities we recommend to those visiting Rhodes are the organised 4×4 excursions! It might not be common knowledge, but Rhodes has an extensive off road network suitable for routes with a 4×4 vehicle. It is a veritable truth that you will have a few hours of physical exercise and mental exhilaration; you will feel the experience of alternating emotions and images switching from dazzling scenery to moments of intensity and adventure.

δρατηριότητες στη ρόδο - Orion hotel
δρατηριότητες στη ρόδο - Orion hotel


The island of the Knights was one of the first places in Greece that hosted organised golf facilities of international standard. The big court stays open throughout the year and it is a living cell of sports for young and old Rhodians. The Afandou Golf Club was founded in 2002 and more and more locals have embraced the sport.


Horse riding is an especially favourite sport in Rhodes. The island has horse riding clubs and there are horse riding tournaments organised throughout the year. So if the knight inside you or the princess escaping on a horse to meet her prince awakens, all you need to do is take horse riding lessons and for a while journey back to the years of romanticism. It is one of the most beautiful ways to get to know the island and its nature!

δρατηριότητες στη ρόδο - Orion hotel